Best Value and Cheap Destinations to Visit

So, if you have a plan to explore the world, then you need to know something – the good news is that you do not have to be rich to make your plan come true. There are so many best top 10 cheap holiday destinations that you can use as a reference to get the best time with your loved ones. Finding the best location is not hard if you prepare the right information first. 

Budapest in Hungary 

From all great destinations in Central Europe, Budapest is one of the best options in your pocket while giving you impressive highlights to get the highest rank among continental explorers from around the world. There are many great destinations here. You can visit a less-visited thermal bath destination just spending a few dollars  and you can soak into the warm water

East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia 

East Nusa Tenggara has often been overlooked region in Indonesia. This destination offers you a panoramic view and is less-crowded when compared to Bali. These islands are home for beautiful beaches and those beaches are quieter- even you can find one of the best diving spots in Indonesia when you visit Alor Archipelago. 


You will wonder, what is this? We all know that authentic European countries with slow exploration and rarely discovered by visitors – this place is still here. Currently, this town has leisure cafe culture in the day and budget-friendly parties as well. Once you step into this town, you will have most of the delights to yourself. No wonder that this city is one of the top 10 cheap holiday destinations. 


This is a very unique and low budget destination for the quality of foods, accommodations, and experience that you can find here. You are still in Europe and you can see architecture museums, the Caspian Sea waterfront and so on. 


Do you love to play white snow and ice with stylish restaurants? If you want to get those experiences, then you have to put Iceland to your destination list as well. You do not need much money but you still get much fun at the same time. 

Madhya Pradesh in India

You can find different wildlife in India. The main difference is the cost or price – wildlife visit here offers you a lower cost rather than in Africa. You can visit wildlife spotting destinations such as Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and so on. 


Only a few people decide to go to Romania, visiting Carpathian Garden offers you many things to tourists here. This place has a long history and still a great natural spot as well. The price is quite low and you can do many things here. 


Tunisia is also a beautiful place to take your step first in North Africa with a make-sense cost. Meanwhile, Maroko offers you a similar immersion. Tunisia offers you great value and highlights many things that make this country so unique. There are many things that you can find anywhere else in this destination. 

Athens in Greece 

The best things in Athens are free and you can get them here. Acropolis Museum costs you a modest fee and you can see Parthenon from different beautiful places for nothing. Even you can admire Acropolis shining in the night as one of the most magical experiences in Yunani. 


Thailand is a very spiritual state with incredible people. You can experience an intense life in Bangkok but you still feel a peace of some panoramic beaches. Of course, it costs you a cheap fee only. Here top 10 cheap holiday destinations to visit.

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