6 Best Places to Visit in China for Winter Vacation

Some people choose to go to a warmer place when they want to take a break from their daily life and the freezing winter in their hometown. Winter might be super cold, but it comes with a different experience. Winter can also deliver a superb view. Planning winter vacation in China can be a great idea to enjoy a special winter holiday. Here are the best places to visit in China in winter.


It might be true that many people avoid freezing place as their vacation destination in winter. Vacation during winter in a snowy place will not be crowded, but when people go to Harbin, this place can be filled by tourists that want to experience the ultimate winter attraction. Of course, they have to be ready and well prepared because winter vacation in Harbin can be very cold. This place can tell the history of the way Chinese and foreign cultures are integrated. People have to go to Russia garden arranged with Russian style (obviously) and the Yabuli ski center. The magnificent glass sculpture festival in Harbin is also super famous.

Jilin Rime

The water body, including the river, should be frozen during winter, but the Songhua River in Jilin Province remains unfrozen during winter. Beautiful decoration of rime can be found on both banks of the river. This kind of winter view becomes the natural wonder that represents Jilin. The wonderful view of ice flowers hanging on the pine trees makes Jilin Rime considered one of four natural wonders in China along with the Three Gorges of Yangtze River, the Mountains and Waters of Guilin, and the Stone Forest of Yunnan. There is no doubt that it must be considered the best places to visit in China.

Changbai Mountain

Still located in Jilin, the next great place to visit in China during winter is Changbai Mountain. It is located on the China and North Korea border. This mountain is very famous, especially in Northeast China, because the snowy scenery is superb, yet they can still enjoy the cool summer. It is not difficult to find mineral springs on this mountain as well. People can find Changbai Mountain International Natural Skiing Park. There is no better experience than playing with snow all day and end it with soaking the body in the hot spring.

Jiuzhai Valley

When people are talking about the best places to visit in China for winter vacation, they must not forget to mention the Jiuzhai valley situated in Sichuan province. This is the magical fairyland that we can find in nature. The tourists will be amazed by the scenery offered by the value. People can find lakes, forests, mountains, waterfalls, and even wildlife around the valley. The contrast of the snowy landscape and the blue sky, as well as the multi-colored lake, will blow people’s minds when visiting this valley.

Hulunbuir Grassland

Hulunbuir grassland got its title as the most unsullied grassland across China. It can be found in northeast Inner Mongolia. The name is taken from Lake Hulun and Buir. In the warmer season, the grassland will offer the view of the vast grassland, lakes, rivers, and forests. In winter, the grassland is snow white while the sky is clear blue. The scenery is getting better since people can also experience the unique Mongolian custom.

Beji Village

Beji Village is located in Mohe that is separated from the Russian border by Heilongjiang River. Beji Village is unique because this park has a Santa Clause House along with the snow buildings and a Christmas Post Office as its main features. The children and even the adults might not expect that Santa’s headquarter is actually located in China. The list of best places to visit in China for Winter Vacation must include this place for sure.

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