5 Best Places to Visit in Belgium.

There are 5 best places to visit in Belgium. Belgium is one of the European Low Countries that you should visit. It is a small country, so you need a short time to visit some of the best attractions there. Belgium is the best country to learn more about history, culture, culinary, and nature. Now, let us check the 5 best places to visit in Belgium here.


Bruges is a medieval town that is located in the heartlands of Flemish. It attracts so many people to come to this town because of the attractive architecture. You can see the stony streets and low country townhouses. When you come to Bruges, you should not forget to capture all the views with your camera. You can choose to come to this town for a romantic honeymoon vacation. After that, you can see the romantic gondolas drift up and down the Bruges canals. You should not miss visiting the Basilica of the Holy Blood too. The building is made with the gothic architecture. Bruges is famous for the palaces and canals.


For those of you who come to Belgium, you should not miss coming to Brussels. It is the capital city of Belgium. There are some of the great museums, palaces, mansions, and chapels. Brussels is one of the famous places to visit too when you come to Belgium. In this city, you can see world-class cafes, restaurants, pubs, and shopping arcades. You must visit some of the tourist attractions such as Mini Europe, Tintin Museum, Grand Palace, Manneken Pis, and Atomium. You who want to enjoy Belgium for several days can choose to stay in some of the best hotels in Brussels.


Ghent is the city of serenity and art. It is famous for historical sites, churches, and also medieval structures. Ghent becomes the best destination for all of you who love art and even history buffs. You can see the perfect blend of laid back vibes and history. There are some tourist attractions that you must visit, such as Saint Nicholas Church, Gravensteen, and Belfry of Ghent. There are some best hotels too to choose from because you will need more time to visit some best attractions in Ghent. You can choose the best hotel that is suitable for your budget.


You who love the culture, traditions and art should come to Antwerp. This city is famous for its vintage architecture and some of the beautiful palaces. In this city, you can find modern and trendy art museums and galleries too. You who love beer and food should not miss visiting this city. You can find some tourist attractions to visit such as Museum de Stroom, Antwerp Zoo, Plantin Moretus Museum, Rubenshuis, and some other places. You can stay at the Ibis Hotel and Leonardo Hotel. 


You should visit the Tournai. It is the world’s most beautiful cathedral. This cathedral is located in the Belgium and France border. You can see art and sculptures in this city. Tournai is famous for some great museums and also art galleries. You should not miss visiting Belfry, the oldest town in Belgium. There are some attractions that you must visit, such as the Folklore Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Belfry of Tournai and some other places. Where to stay when you are in this city? You can choose to stay at Hotel Cathedral. It is one of the best hotels in this place.

Belgium is the right place for you who love art and culture. You should prepare all things and start to do your adventure in Belgium. It is time for you to start your adventure by visiting the 5 best places to visit in Belgium.

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