Best and Top Countries to Travel in 2020

Do you have a world travel plan? Before you start booking your trip, then you need to check the top 10 countries to visit below. These countries offer you the most valuable destinations based on the hottest experiences and trends as well. You can learn more about these destinations and pick one based on your needs and of course, budget. Being prepared is always a good thing. 


These days, England is a peaceful destination where the visitors and locals enjoy quieter destinations. You can walk around on the beautiful pier and enjoy delicious chips here looking for marine life, finding out ancient cliffs and so on. There are many things to do here. 


Bhutan is one of the top 10 countries to visit as it is a fully organic station that you can experience here. This wonderful destination offers visitors from lush, great landscapes and some wildlife preserves to historical Buddhist buildings as well. So, there are many things that you can explore here. This is not the ordinary place where you will be surrounded in mystery and magic. 


In south Aruba – there is a cultural center of San Nicolas which is also called Sunrise City. Enjoying the creative and colorful resurgence. International and local artists decorating the street walls and pop-up carnivals will spread your happy vibe here. Aruba is very authentic and more affordable along with pristine beaches. 

North Macedonia 

This destination is the most known destination simply known as Macedonia. It has been popular for its ancient traditions and nature. However, new adventurers can find new reasons to visit this destination. There are many unique things that you can experience here. 

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica has huge biodiversity that attracts visitors to see sleepy sloths in the trees, Pacific whales and other exotic creatures here. People in Costa Rica understand the importance of preserving a piece of tropical heaven and find the best way to invite people in this beautiful harmony. 


This destination is petite and packed with adventure and culture along with exotic wildlife. This destination is one of the most underrated destinations in Southern Africa. You can see a vast landscape inside the parks and reserves. So, you can try challenging activities here. 

The Netherlands 

You should know that Amsterdam always deserves to visit and provide you with a great train network so you can explore various celebrations here and get more benefits for your euros as well. April and Mei are the best months to visit this country since you can experience various celebrations here. You can find the wealth of nature in this country. 


Maroko has its moment with popular places and attractions here. This destination is complemented with restaurants serving you with seasonal products, stylish restaurants, and accommodations as well. Thanks to its infrastructure, it is easier to get around by road.  Escaping from the crowds in mountain villages and Atlantic beaches. 

Liberia is a mystery for most outsiders. But they know about its optimism from its people and many natural wonders you can find here. There are many beautiful beaches and a modest resort. There are other destinations to visit such as Sapo National Park and one of the largest rainforests in West Africa. In this forest, you will have a chance to meet wild elephants, chimpanzees, hippos and so on. 


You should know that 2020 is a perfect year to visit this country. This country always has something for anyone, such as endless rolling rangelands, hot springs, wine industries, and so on. There are many great things and activities that you can try here and check these top 10 countries to visit.

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