5 Great Things to Do in Nepal for an Ultimate Pleasure

Many people say that Nepal is a magic land where things like hidden monasteries, yetis, yaks, and mountain peaks seem to be very common. Being situated between amazing Indian forests and the majestic Himalayan Mountains, Nepal will provide you with different traveling experience. Since the country’s borders opened to foreigners, the country has attracted thousands of tourists to come every year. Get yourself inspired by the following list of the 5 top things to do in Nepal

#1. Trekking Adventure 

Nepal is the land of trekking that offers some of the best trekking routes on earth for both amateur and experienced trekkers. If you want to have a short but challenging trekking experience, Poonhill trek is one of the best options you can take. Though it is considered short, completing the Poonhill trek route will require not less than 4 days! So, prepare your stamina. But, if you want to have a more challenging and longer trekking option, Everest Base Camp trek is one of the best. The trek needs 12 days to complete and will take you to pass through challenging paths. 

#2. Chitwan National Park

If you adore wildlife and witness the natural life of reserved animals, you can consider visiting Chitwan National Park. This conservation site is the home of endangered animals such as one-horned rhinoceros, Asian elephants, and Bengal tigers. Chitwan National Park is also a conservation site for more than 500 species of migratory and rare birds. Here, you can see beautiful birds such as paradise flycatchers, brahmin ducks, egrets, and kingfishers. Exploring the Chitwan Park will also make it possible for you to crocodiles and bears. Covering almost 332 square miles of land, you will find it so much fun to explore the park and enjoy the wildlife there.

#3. Mountain Biking in Kathmandu Valley

Joining a mountain biking in Kathmandu Valley is one of the amazing things to do in Nepal. This is a great alternative to take if you want to have a different experience of traveling in the country. You can follow a biking trek in Shivapuri National Park. The dirt roads of the park offer challenging patches even for experienced bikers. Other great places for mountain biking in Nepal you can choose are Chapagaun, Bungamati, and the Godavari. The biking trek on the places is very famous for its serene beauty. The easy trails offered will be a perfect alternative to choose especially if you are an amateur biker.

#4. Enjoying Pokhara

Pokhara is a lake town with spectacular views and landscapes that have attracted a lot of tourists to visit the place. So, exploring Pokhara can be one of the great ways you can do in Nepal. The unique landscapes of the lake town have charmed adrenaline junkies, nature lovers, and explorers for a long time. Not only fantastic natural beauty but Pokhara also offering an array of river rafting, mountain biking, fishing opportunities, and more. Here, you will also find thrilling trekking paths such as Annapurna Base Camp, Poonhill, and Annapurna Circuit. If you are an adrenaline junkie, canyoning, bungee, boating, strolling the lakeside, and paragliding in Pokhara is also possible. 

#5. Tour in Kathmandu

This is one of the best things to do in Nepal. Exploring Kathmandu, you will find humongous stone images, delightful pagodas, and intricate carvings in every corner of this beautiful city. Not to mention a lot of temples with amazing and grandeur architecture. With all of the spectacular things you can find Kathamandu, you can say that the city is such as living history museum and local art display. Exploring this beautiful city, you are suggested to have your guide tour. This will allow you to experience a real Kathamandu sightseeing tour from the perspective of local people.

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